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EV Hybrid Service

Unlike fuel-powered cars, electric vehicles and hybrids require distinct maintenance and upkeep. Additionally, it is more efficient and affordable compared to fuel-powered cars. The most common piece of advice for car maintenance used to be “change your oil.” However, this well-known suggestion and other auto tips are no longer applicable to electrical vehicles (EVs). 

You might be curious about EV maintenance if you’ve recently bought an EV of your own or if you’re thinking about buying one. Fortunately, maintaining an EV is easier than maintaining a car with a fuel-consuming engine.

You’ll go over all you need to know to maintain your EV and keep it in great driving condition in the following article. The electrical revolution has arrived, and with it, the best EV maintenance procedures.

Do electric vehicles require less upkeep?

Comparatively speaking, EV maintenance is lower than that of fuel-based vehicles. That’s because a typical combustion engine contains thousands of mechanical components. With so many moving elements, there are more potential issues to resolve. 

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to routinely maintain your EV. To maintain your warranty, you might need to have your EV examined regularly.  

What service do you provide for an electric or hybrid car?

Gustafson’s Auto Clinic provides a range of services for electric and hybrid cars, including battery services, charging system services, inverter services, electrical system services, brake system services, and cooling system services in Redwater, AB. 

As electric and hybrid cars have complex systems, these services require specialized knowledge and equipment to maintain and repair. Our certified technicians have the necessary training and experience to diagnose and fix any issues with your electric or hybrid car. 

We offer diagnostic testing, reconditioning, replacement of batteries, testing and repairing of charging components, inverters, and electrical components, as well as maintenance and repairs of brake and cooling systems. Our goal is to ensure that your electric or hybrid car is running efficiently and safely. 

At Gustafson’s Auto Clinic in Redwater, AB, we are committed to providing reliable and high-quality services to our customers, regardless of the type of vehicle they drive.

What is included in the routine maintenance for EVs and Hybrids?

Regular service for EVs and hybrids is necessary. According to recent surveys, EV owners spend 50% less on routine maintenance than owners of conventional vehicles. 

As you know, electric vehicles aren’t invincible. As such it is important to have regular maintenance for your EV. 

You need to be careful about a few key aspects of EV maintenance. 


EVs and HEVs have less brake wear than traditional vehicles since they use regenerative braking. 

Yet, brake deterioration will still occur, albeit more gradually. This implies that you will need to repair components, including braking discs, brake pads, and fluid. You should be especially proactive about getting your brakes tested if you drive frequently and aggressively. 

Tire Rotation

All car owners should rotate their tires periodically, yet many overlook it. Every 8,000–16,000 KM, tire rotations are a must for EV and hybrid owners. 

Because EV tires might be more prone to wear, the tires on your vehicle will likely see more use with immediate power. EVs frequently have a heavier battery base, so wear, and tear is more significant. 

To maintain your tires’ performance, you should also check tire pressure periodically and replace them when worn.


Batteries frequently get too hot. EVs include a cooling system to cool down the battery pack and a charger specially designed to prevent fires from starting. 

To stay efficient, the cooling system in your electric car requires regular maintenance or a refrigerant recharge. This is highly recommended for vehicles traveling more than eighty thousand KM. Also, you need to check your owner’s manual for specifications. 


EV powertrains might additionally require an oil repair to keep working successfully. Consult your owner’s manual to learn the suggested frequency. 

What is the average cost for regular hybrid or electrical vehicle maintenance?

As you know, there is a huge market price for electric vehicles. Different types of electric vehicles have different costs for repairs and maintenance. 

As compared to cars, the cost of regular electrical vehicle maintenance is nearly twice as less. Every year, car owners save a huge sum of money for their regular vehicle maintenance. 

The main reason to use electrical vehicle maintenance is that it requires fewer parts to replace. Also, it doesn’t require routine maintenance, including engine tune-ups and oil changes. 

There is a wide range of economic benefits to EVs besides saving on repairs and maintenance. You’ll be able to get a real sense of cost savings by learning more about electric vehicle maintenance. 

Why hire Gustafson’s Auto Clinic Inc. for hybrid and electric vehicle service in Redwater, AB?

Gustafson’s Auto Clinic Inc. is a one-stop auto repair shop in Redwater, AB for your vehicle’s repairs and maintenance. Our technicians have extensive training in servicing electric vehicles of various car makes and models.

Taking professional servicing for your hybrid or electric vehicle at Gustafson’s Auto Clinic Inc. may be the ideal decision. You can choose the best vehicle service for your car with the assistance of their team of specialists. Book an appointment with our team of technicians today.

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